Do you want to feel less overwhelmed and able to respond with composure in pressured situations? 

Would you like to improve your resilience and performance in your sports through better mental preparation? 

Look at what Mindfulkindfulness has to offer…

Mindfulkindfulness sessions and courses can teach you how being more present can help you deal with everyday stress and show you how being kinder to yourself, rather than self-critical can help you improve your performance and wellbeing in sport, work, and life. 

My name is Dr. Kristopher Chapman. I am a qualified mindfulness and compassion teacher, trained by Mindfulness UK. I offer mindfulness and compassion-based meditations, self-compassion at work seminars, and specialise in improving sports performance through mindfulness and compassion. 

What is Mindfulness?

mindfulness drawing KC 

Mindfulness is non-judgmental self-awareness in the present moment. In paying attention to what you are doing and thinking right now it enables you to be aware of how you are thinking and feeling and better deal with what life throws at you. We may not always be able to change our circumstances, but we can change how we react to them. 

Meditation is sometimes used to teach mindfulness, as it encourages the kind of focussed attention on the present that mindfulness is about. However, mindfulness is much broader than just meditation. The aim is to be mindful in everyday life, paying attention to ourselves as we do daily tasks, rather than acting on auto-pilot.

What is compassion?

Compassion drawing KC 

Compassion is not wanting others or yourself to suffer. Mindfulness is necessary for developing self-awareness, but it’s not enough on its own. I strongly believe that mindfulness needs to be combined with compassion. Otherwise, as I know from personal experience, it’s possible to be self-aware, but also self-critical. 

My seminars and courses focus on integrating mindfulness and compassion to improve wellbeing and performance.

Feel free to look around, especially at the free resources I have made available in the ‘Resources‘ section, as well as the range of sport-specific topics covered in my articles. If you  want to find our more or register an interest in future courses, please get in touch via the ‘Contact me‘ page. 

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Strong Mind Climbing, run by Hazel Findlay, has also recently published an article I co-authored with climbing coach Becca Lounds on: ‘Mindfulness and compassion techniques for regaining composure in climbing.